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“it IS ESSENTIAL for us to control the full chain of production from the fiber up to the delivery of the rug to the final customer”

Dealing in textile commodities for three generations, the founder realized that the there was a gap between the textile raw product prices and the prices rugs were offered on the market. Californian Living was created to control the full production chain of the rug to obtain authentic prices and high control of quality: from the fiber sourcing, to the yarn spinning and dyeing, to the rug conception and finally to the delivery to the customer.

“our goal was to create an easy platform where people could customize their rug according to their tastes and needs”

Californian Living is the first online website where you can choose your design & textures, colors and dimensions to get your rug directly delivered to your home in few clicks. Our fine designed rugs are hand-made and created from natural fibers only.

“high quality & natural materials manufactured by artisan weavers”

All rugs are designed in California and handmade by highly skilled and experienced “Goodweave ®” certified weavers in India or Nepal.

The GoodWeave ® label means that no child, forced or bonded labor was used in the making of a certified product, and that your purchase supports programs that educate children and ensure decent work for adults.

Our rugs are manufactured with natural fibers such as New Zealand wool or Organic cotton for example.

“In today’s world it IS important to act with responsibility, make decisions which protect our planet”

Our rugs are craftsmanship supporting our OEKO-TEX® label in acting responsibly and making sustainable decisions. Materials from yarns to the finished rugs are tested for harmful substances and which are thus safe from a human-ecological perspective. Our label MADE IN GREEN LABEL by Oekotex ® also guarantees a manufacture under sustainable and socially responsible working conditions.

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